Forming a relationship with your primary physician relies on annual physical exams. At Reliant MD Group in Leesburg, Virginia, Suman Manchireddy, MD, FACP, FHM, and the rest of the team provide private, personalized annual exams for anyone over the age of 18, as well as wellness exams for Medicare patients. 

What are annual physical exams?

Annual physical exams are visits to your doctor that you attend each year, regardless of whether or not you have any symptoms. The visit includes a series of tests and a discussion with your physician about your health and wellness.

At your annual physical exam, your provider at Reliant MD Group gives you suggestions and strategies to keep yourself healthy in the coming year until your next annual physical exam. In running tests and checking your vitals, they can also detect early signs of diseases and risks that don’t show any symptoms yet.

Annual physical exams give your provider a chance to get to know you and all of the complexities of your health. With the information gathered at your exams, your provider can offer better, more individualized treatment when diseases and symptoms arise.

What happens at an annual physical exam?

The steps in your physical exam may vary depending on your age and certain risk factors in your lifestyle and family history. Your provider performs the tests they think are necessary in order to understand the way your body works. Your annual physical exam might include:

  • Blood pressure check
  • Heart rate check
  • Listening to your breathing
  • A visual exam of your body
  • Touching or poking parts of your body
  • Laboratory tests, such as urinalysis or blood tests
  • Screenings for cancer, STDs, and other conditions
  • Vaccination updates

For women, an annual physical exam might also include a breast examination, pelvic examination, and a Pap smear. If you don’t get these at your general annual physical exams, you should make a separate appointment with a gynecologist.

Starting at age 40 or 50, men get prostate examinations as part of their annual physical exams. Your physician may also perform a testicular examination.

When should I consider getting an annual physical exam?

The team at Reliant MD Group provides annual physical exams to anyone 18 and older. Men and women of all ages can benefit from annual physical exams, but they’re especially beneficial to patients who:

  • Are aging
  • Want a better relationship with their providers
  • Are high risk for certain diseases
  • Already have a chronic condition that needs managing

The team at Reliant MD Group offers wellness exams for Medicare patients. Annual wellness exams are free for Medicare patients and may include cognitive impairment assessments alongside the physical exam. Your provider helps you make a preventive care plan according to your health risks

.If you’re due for your next annual physical as a new or returning patient, call Reliant MD Group to request an appointment or book online today.